• Snow whish pass and by
    In the streets the hobos lie
    The roof blew away again
    I look out the window and saw rich men
    Mother is sick and doing her best
    Father is abusive and needs lot of rest
    Money is tight around the shack
    A nice warm meal is what we slack
    As i wonder through the street to beg for money
    A couple of rich people might think it's funny
    The night sky fell above my head
    I lay on the snow grounded bed
    I close my eyes and open them again
    Wishing my dreams could descend (from above)
    A star flew by bright and glowing
    Then once again it started snowing
    I return back home to see how everything was going
    As soon as i know meals were abrewing
    Mother had said a miracle had happened.
    By the miracle no one was saddened
    Across the street a stable stood there
    A light that kept me from not a stare
    Praises were heard to God above
    The descend a white pure dove
    A baby was the center of attention
    It was Jesus Christ did i seem to mention
    Have a happy holiday to you and to all
    As the baby in the manager is borne in a stall.