• I'm running, trembling
    Trying to escape.
    Going faster, fumbling
    I can't find the way.

    So much greif and pain,
    It's haunting me.
    It's driving me insane,
    Which fills it with glee.

    Confused with direction,
    I'm way off track.
    I get a detection
    I'll never find my way back.

    I'm lost and alone,
    I have nowhere to go.
    Too much hatred and pain,
    Still being driven insane.

    I'm still being stalked
    And watched like a hawk.
    We've never met,
    But yet knows my every step.

    I'm covered in blood,
    What have I done?
    I'm exhausted and tired,
    My mouth is on fire.
    I take a drink from a nearby pond,
    But it's noy water...it's BLOOD!!

    Trying to figure out my stalker,
    Putting all the clues together.
    So close to the solution,
    Before being sent to an institution.

    I puzzled and puzzled some more,
    Just until I couldn't think any more.
    But wait! How can it be?
    How could I not see?
    This whole time my death planner...

    Was ME!!