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  • Artist Info: Hello avid biography readers, this is Mad Amadeus Grunt the third, you may call me Grunt. Well, life's been pretty darn good lately. I have just recently had my 4-month Anniversary with the greatest girl on the planet, and am anticipating this next year to be far greater than the past one, because of her. ^ ^ I've still got some break-homework to clear up along the break that I'm in right now, and I'll be sure to start it next week. Did you know I procrastinate? I guess you'll find out some more weird stuff right now. <br />
    <br />
    Now to what I'm like.<br />
    <br />
    I love playing video games, my favorite games are Halo and Sonic the hedgehog. I also love reading Sherlock Holmes, and other mystery books. I like mostly fantasy stuff, but since I want to be somewhat of a politician when I grow up, I'm trying to learn and read more expository books. I also want to get into drawing comics, maybe for the newspaper, or even just my own comic series I sell at comic stores. I love to draw (obviously) and I have several awesome characters that I use in my Rps. I own an RP guild, its called 666 academy...its mostly about MY story, or the soon to be story that I have, because i just need like, A LOT more members XD. I play guitar sometimes too, I'm not a complete master at it, but I know my stuff. My obsessions with Sherlock Holmes gives me a kind of logic side, and I sometimes try and deduct things from people, because it's just fun. If you see me on towns, I usually will be just sitting there, with no one talking to me...and you may also think I'm busy or unavailable. Whenever I go on towns, I do that on purpose to just listen and watch what other people are doing or talking about. If I want to talk to someone, I don't come to them, I wait for them to come to me. I will not accept random requests though...especially from nooblets. When people walk up to me in towns randomly and want to speak, I do respond, but only if you're worthy enough. ;D <br />
    -Grunt, out.<br />
    <br />
    P.S I also will start posting in my journal daily, so yall's can check out what I do.<br />
    <br />
    P.S.S I am not Satanic, so don't ask to join my freggin guild if that's the reason why.
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