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  • Artist Info: HAAAAAIIIII EVERYONE 8D<br />
    <br />
    Name: Dani<br />
    Hair Color: Brown<br />
    Eye Color: Most of the time it's green razz <br />
    Age: 849050929667 years old biggrin <br />
    Orientation: Straight<br />
    Current Status: Taken by Anthany~<br />
    Birthday: 10/12<br />
    FAVORITES<br />
    Food: Pasta<br />
    Song: Tea Party by Kerli<br />
    Color: Yellow<br />
    Number: 4<br />
    Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas<br />
    Magazine: uhhhh.......Shojo Beat? XD<br />
    Actor: Johnny Depp<br />
    Actress: Helena Bonham Carter<br />
    Book: Good Question.....<br />
    YOUR<br />
    Greatest Fear: Spiders<br />
    Screen Name: iisweetpoison<br />
    Bedtime: 10:30 on skewl nights D8 and.......anytime before three a.m. on other days XD<br />
    Current Location: Venus<br />
    Most Embarassing Moment: oof.....too many to choose from<br />
    Best Friend: Do I really have to choose??<br />
    Weakness: mmmm.....another good question XD<br />
    First Thought When You Wake Up: What day is it?<br />
    THIS OR THAT<br />
    Pepsi or Coke: Whichever is the easiest to get<br />
    Chocolate or Vanilla: Gawd another good question DX<br />
    Day or Night: mmmm.....I think night<br />
    Hamburger or Hot Dog: Depends on what mood im in<br />
    Love or Money: Love<br />
    Looks or Personality: Personality baybeh~<br />
    Summer or Winter: mmmmmm.....winter/fall/spring XD<br />
    Coffee or Tea: Teaaaaaa<br />
    Hot or Cold: Cold<br />
    Sunny or Rainy: Rainy<br />
    Dogs or Cats: well i have four dogs but i have always wanted a cat 8D<br />
    <br />
    BoyFrann(:<br />
    Name: anthany(:<br />
    Hair color: brown.<br />
    Eye color: also brown(;<br />
    Age: also, 849050929667 years old O:<br />
    orientation: straight<br />
    status: happily taken by danielle ADAMS<br />
    birfday: 4.14<br />
    FAVORITES<br />
    food: at times, cereal biggrin <br />
    song: love like woe, the ready set.<br />
    color: purple<br />
    number: 14<br />
    movie: vampires suck.<br />
    magazine: dont read any :/<br />
    actor: sniffler (american pie)<br />
    actress: megan fox xD<br />
    Book: the knife of never letting go.<br />
    YOUR<br />
    greatest fear: losing danielle :3<br />
    screen name: iepic teddybear<br />
    bedtime: midnight on weekdays, whenever on weekends.<br />
    current location: under her bed<br />
    most embarassing moment: hitting on a lesbian, on purpose xD<br />
    Bestfriend: (2nd)isabellah sousa & (1st)my girlfriend(:<br />
    weakness: death by accident<br />
    first thought when you wake uhp: if i miss school, will it 'miss' me?<br />
    this or that<br />
    pepsi or coke: RootBeer, screw the other tew.<br />
    chocolate or vanilla: Both combined together biggrin <br />
    day or night: night(: im secretly nocturnal, shhhh...<br />
    hot dog or hamburger: nacho's(:<br />
    love or money: OUR love, over both(;<br />
    looks or personality: personality, looks means nothing~<br />
    summer or winter: winter, bc i get hawt coco(:<br />
    coffee or tea: sweet, tea<br />
    hot or cold: cold, bc then i'll need her to warm me uhp(;<br />
    sunny or rainy: rainy, well simple, because rain is epic<br />
    dogs or cats: doesnt matter, i had a cat, a hedgehog, a raccoon, a lizard, a snake, and a mouse, not all at once though. i have a bird, 2dogs, and a horse(:<br />
    <br />
    ~Signed, her and her boyfriend, established 4.29&lt;3
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