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  • Artist Info: hi my names brad if u know me kool if u dont im brad my bday is october 10 im 14 yrs old i live in massachusetts i like to write songs a few r in my journal and i love sports i want alot of friends so pleaze request i have brown hair and blue eyes peace out<br />
    name: Brad<br />
    nickname: too many to list so just make one up if you want<br />
    age: 14<br />
    birth place: U.S.A.<br />
    sports: baseball, football<br />
    atitude: random<br />
    music: rock <br />
    color: purple<br />
    amimals: tiger<br />
    eye color: blue <br />
    hair color: brown<br />
    fav instrument: guitar<br />
    fav candy: kit kat<br />
    fav quote: sometimes you only forgive someone because u need them in your life<br />
    fav song: viva la vida by coldplay<br />
    A.I.M. s/n: redsoxplyr09<br />
    email: befstratios@yahoo.com<br />
    smoke or drugs: never and thats a promise ive already made<br />
    college: yes<br />
    wanted career: Major League Baseball<br />
    want to know more ask and I'll post it<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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