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    HI!! And Aloha!!<br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    Sayuri Here, means "Little Lily" in Japanese ;P Anyway, My name is Sayo and that's been my name since the day I started Gaia. My real name? Wouldn't you like to know. I've been on Gaia for 3 years going on 4 (Yeah I'm old). I have met many people on here, some are my close friends other are real friends in real life. I have a life so I won't be on as much as other people are. I'm not saying that they don't but I like to go out side and breath ya know ;P<br />
    I don't like many things and there things that I like that I won't tell you. Why? Cause I feel like it. Yeah I'm a smart ass, and can be a real bitch sometimes to but most of my friends and other people haven't seen that side of me and trust me, you don't want too. But I'm a really nice girl and I love to have fun when I get that chance. <br />
    I love J-Pop, K-Pop, very little hip hop, Metal, Heavy Metal, and other kinds of music. <br />
    I love animals. <br />
    I have 3 cats and 1 dog (now)<br />
    I am totally not a dog person -_-;;<br />
    But my sisters and mom are so I don't get a say in it xP<br />
    As long as it doesn't mess with my cats, I won't turn it into cats food &gt;&gt;<br />
    I love making new friends on here but if you don't talk to me in a long time, hardly come on, quite without telling me, or take me off your friends list I will remove yo from mine =P I don't have the space for space hoggers.<br />
    I live in Hawaii with my family.<br />
    I am old enough to be on here but to young to drink.. (at the moment ;P )<br />
    I was mainly raised here and I do plan to leave here soon. (very soon)<br />
    Places I want to go?<br />
    Seattle<br />
    Japan<br />
    New York<br />
    Korea <br />
    Those are my main, others.. Meh I don't feel like telling you. ;P<br />
    Anything else you wanna know?<br />
    PM me, talk to me <br />
    and maybe I'll tell you more then I put up.<br />
    If you want to be friends, feel free to add me.<br />
    Like I said<br />
    I love making new friends and meeting new people.
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