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  • Artist Info: .I go by alot of things but the names Holly.<br />
    I was born on April 30th, in Tampa Florida. <br />
    My mind soars in the clouds of Kentucky. <br />
    I dream way to much. <br />
    My heart beats to the sound of drums. <br />
    If you dont like me then dont waist my time. <br />
    I.m that girl everyone takes advantage of. <br />
    My hero is Kyle Silar♥ <br />
    I drown myself in music. <br />
    Chances are i.ll never believe in love. <br />
    My best friends are: <br />
    Caitlyn Cook. <br />
    Lillie Joy. <br />
    Robin Tingly. <br />
    <br />
    R.I.P.-Tori Evans♥ .
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