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  • Artist Info: about me: <br />
    Im Tailory...mah friends call me Tai<br />
    Im so cool whit mah friends nd whit all people...<br />
    Iam a girl super Fashion nd super punk a love the pink<br />
    Iam not plastic, im crazy sOmetimes nO olways, I lOv me...<br />
    i dO that i are a gOOd friend, whit all.<br />
    Iam beautiful, amazing, crazy, cute, a special girl, and important barbiie...iam a vip (very important princess)...<br />
    i lOv lisent muzzzic, chat, gaia, hi5 and other things happys...<br />
    i speak two idiomas...<br />
    English and Spanish...<br />
    my messenger is: tailory_rbd@hotmail.com<br />
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