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    Well I love to draw. I love spending time with my husband, Christopher (Honda_Construction).<br />
    I love anime and hate stupid people. It's like I'm allergic or something... XP<br />
    I love Animal Planet and animals in general. The computer games; Diner Dash, Bejeweled, and Chuzzle are what I play most often.<br />
    I'm currently after everything on my wish list labeled as "Questing" They're items that were at one time in my inventory that I sold to get the Panda Slippers and Monochrome Keido and want back...<br />
    I will do art for items on my wish list or for just plain gold. If you want to put in a commission you can click on my siggy. I'd love to make you art! n.n<br />
    I'll be going to college in the fall for my generals then transfer to UNK for a Fine Arts degree in art. So You're commissions will help me in perusing my career!<br />
    Yes, this is all my art around this page n.n<br />
    I'm a Christian and I'm not afraid to tell the whole world. If the Lord wants me to be beheaded for my beliefs, I'll just be heading home to be with my Father a little sooner than expected for me.<br />
    I'm 22 years old and creative when I'm not expected to be lol<br />
    I'm a very kind and generous person, but I will warn you, if you mess with my friends, you're messing with ME. If you aren't nice to me FIRST I will retaliate right back. I don't do random friend requests. If want to be my friend, I must first chat with you and learn a bit about your personality.<br />
    Once you get to know me you'll learn that I'm a fun-loving, kind, caring, and generous person. I truly care about my friends.
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