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    First of all...<br />
    My name's JaeCub<br />
    actually it's just plain ol` Jacob.<br />
    I hate my name.<br />
    FML. no not really. <br />
    Theres some pretty chill people in my life.<br />
    im pretty stupid. i don't think there's any doubt about that<br />
    Im pretty childish.....like yo momma.<br />
    I'm pretty easy going..i think?<br />
    Omg i've written this much by myself yo.<br />
    Erm, ...-thinks-<br />
    I like rollercoasters.<br />
    i hate ugly people. i slap them in the face (with a glove of course)<br />
    okay, thats not true, i just need a filler in this ol` "About me" Paragraph of mine<br />
    some pretty obvious weaknesses about me are cookies,cookies,cookies and your mom.
    <br />
    <br />
    welll..can't think of much more about myself,i think i'd leave that for you to judge.<br />
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