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  • Artist Info: Nicole Was here: so yeah this Happens To be like my Bestfriend. She Is amazing biggrin You DOnt need to know how old is . Fucking Stalkers these days. Well She Currently Is in Love Withhh No one.<br />
    So Hit her up like nowww. Ok? She Is gorgeous Nooo Homooo. I dont roll like that. I like Penorrsss &lt;3. Well yeah im kind of bored so thats why Im Doing this. Julie loves: Guys, Ryan Seeckler, zac efron, chill People, Smex,BEIN RANDOM!!!!, And alot of other shitttt. Hates: Whores, Ashley Rolland,[ Kayla Dean]&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt; FAT PEOPLE, Annoying midgets,and Bananas . GANGSTERFIED PROFILE.
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