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  • Artist Info: Hi! Call me Yuu! Why? I dont know, but feel free to call me that. I'm 17 currently and I like anime and I like drawing it, I like Naruto, Death Note, Beach, Fruit Basket, etc. I'm a cat, yes, I like all animals too though, dogs, horses, piggys, and more ^_^. Also I am a very magnificent person, I think *sweatdrop* but anyway, I don't take random friend requests anymore, if you want to become my friend then find me in towns or roleplaying/art forums (where I'm mostly at) and that's about it, kinda, well I'm signing off (lol. not really) Currently, I'm crushing...o///o you're still reading? Well, also I passed!!! COllege here I come. xD Arigato for reading!!!!<br />
    1/12/09<br />
    Oh yeah! I'm update this piece of work. I will be making videos of my RANDOM DANCING soon! >3< It's going to be great. I'll also put it on Youtube. I'm trying to make a web shows which also might come out in 1 month from now! I will get back to yew all on that though xD<br />
    6/15/09<br />
    The day the monthly collectibles come out! ^-^ Yay! This month has been REALLY lucky for me. Luck with my Gaia of course. (: I really don't know why I'm updating this time, though. I guess I'm bored or something. o.o But hey! Leave a comment or PM meh so I won't be so in the dumps! xD<br />
    1/11/11<br />
    Ever heard of wishing on 11:11pm? Some say it's lucky. Ehh, I tend to forget and don't do it at all so I wouldn't know! xD Hmm, I guess I should say Happy ew Year and all that but..(Happy New Year!) Random thoughts at random times. (: Anyways, random PMs and comments are loved! (Spam isn't)<br />
    8/9/2012<br />
    Looking to join/make a joint shop. c: Getting back to drawing since that's what I want to major in. That and Biology. Double major, yo.
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