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  • Artist Info: im an arisit, and poetic<br />
    and like writeing storys once in awhile<br />
    and watching horror games or reading horror..<br />
    and anime(that's straight.)<br />
    im straight only and only treat everyone like family.<br />
    im an neko witch...<br />
    i like cookiez and milkz!!!! COOKIEZ AND MILKZ ROCKZ!!!!:O<br />
    im not open...<br />
    i like almost any kind of music excpet bad rainbow songs or swearing song...<br />
    i go on youtube<br />
    alot<br />
    but im trying to go on gaia alot 2 <br />
    i like sushi<br />
    and im an competely an idiot. O.O yayz.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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