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  • Artist Info: Hello I'm Mireysa!!!!!<br />
    But call me chewy &lt;3 ~ i used to be twanjoker<br />
    ^.^<br />
    You can call me anything u want but keep it appropiate ^.^<br />
    <br />
    I am a really sensitive and emotional person that enjoys listening to post hardcore and deathcore metal, i hate pop rock like sum41,blink182, and mayday parade bcuz those bands are suckish and don't deserve the title "rockers" but "poppers"<br />
    i also hate wanna-be skaters and rockers, bcuz it takes one to know one -.-
    <br />
    Bands that can be called hardcore are:<br />
    A7X, BFMV, cradl;e of filth, devil driver, etc.
    <br />
    <br />
    Check my FB: http://www.facebook.com/kittychewy
    <br />
    Now more about me:<br />
    i like to be really friendly and will always smile<br />
    ^.^ cuz i love smiling a lot hehe <br />
    add me if u like and we can chilll out on gaia towns <br />
    ^.^ one thing about me is i love cats idk why i just do hehe<br />
    ima cat person not a dog person i dont like dogs cuz i've been chased by one before and it bit me so i dont like dogs
    Another thing bout me is im really into fashion, im not a girly girl but i really love mixing and matching many patterens and clothing^.^ if u take me to the mall its gonna be hard taking me out without buying something from every store hehe<br />
    now that u know this about me u can add me and we get to know eachother hehe so KEEP IT BRUTAL
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