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  • Artist Info: ..Why are you here, you aren't a lowed to be here..<br />
    It's my part of the forest, so please, stay away from here, or ells<br />
    some thing bad is going to happen to you..<br />
    ......<br />
    What will happen? I don't know for shure, but you might get.. IT...<br />
    and you don't want it, believe me =A='<br />
    It's a curse, which I and the rest of this part of the forest have got, so please stay away from here, for your own sake..<br />
    ........<br />
    What I am? Can't you see that?? I'm an YĆ“kai/oni/yasha (demon), that's why I get horn, and those claws.. U.U'<br />
    Anyway.. I wonder if you could be so kind and leave ^^<br />
    .......<br />
    You won't? well.. that's to bad.. Cuz ou will =A=' *kick you out of my forest* T__T'<br />
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