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  • Artist Info: I'm a Bernette, But now it is Blond on top with Bright red highlights razz um, Emo cut btw i love the look biggrin I HATE to dissapoint, and........, uh have eny Q's i'll be happy to answer them smile so here is some interesting things about me <br />
    I'm a PC lover. I cant live with out my PC, well if u wanna be my friend i'm really! easy to get to know<br />
    just say hi and ya! u can always catch me on World of warcraft (failing at it), gaia Facebook, and other sights <br />
    I am Very Into Japanese I know a little but its just stupid things like i need to pee or I'm hungry! lol so! ya! I will answer almost! any questions i will not answer ant stalker q's lol And Yes i Have a Boyfriend! And i love him VERYYYY!!!! MUCH!!!!
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