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    User Image<br />
    Names Stef emotion_donotwant <br />
    I'm 20<br />
    I'm Annoying, Weird, Hyper, and Random.<br />
    And I am of the Female race, for those of you who constantly assume I'm a guy just because I'm weird.<br />
    I'm literally a walking contradiction.<br />
    Let's see. . . If you're on my friendlist, you're friendzoned. No question about it.<br />
    I don't date online. And if you're not on my friend list. . . Why are you creepin on my profile? &gt;n&gt; You weenie, you.<br />
    I'm on a lot, but I'm usually busy studying or something, so I take a bit of time to respond occasionally.<br />
    I can be SUPER vulgar and loud, but I can also be super shy and quiet and just.. idk xD I'm weird.<br />
    Uhhh, I think that's it?<br />
    Enough said.User Image
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