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    Guess WHO? ITS BECKY<br />
    ok in short im 15 and im 100% insane.<br />
    i happen to fuck up everything i do.<br />
    but one thing i wont fuck up is my relationship with brandonv<br />
    im not messing that up again.<br />
    I happen to text allot and spend moist of my time on the phone<br />
    i can be a bitch or i can be simply amazing<br />
    I love to do all the girly stuff<br />
    do my nails, put on makeup.<br />
    but theres a KICK ASS side of me<br />
    i happen to take the easy way out of things<br />
    i love to procrastinate<br />
    Im not a vergin<br />
    that dosnt meen im a slut<br />
    i happen to start fights<br />
    if a girl bitches me out i will hit her.<br />
    keep that in mind.<br />
    I happen to be a HUGE flirt<br />
    but i got my limits.<br />
    Im verry close to my family<br />
    i have been diginoced with depressing, bipolor, and mood disorders.<br />
    i cant spell<br />
    I have been to Bellin for about 3 days<br />
    i actually loved it there<br />
    they let you take showers when ever the fuck you wanted<br />
    I just recently moved<br />
    GO ME<br />
    im a fucking cheerleader<br />
    Get over it<br />
    If you piss me off i will FUCK YOU UP<br />
    i happen to get mad about small things<br />
    hay no ones pirfect<br />
    i got an amazing live<br />
    I regret nothing.<br />
    I wish my past boyfreinds wouldnt have been an ass to me.<br />
    i love to talk durty.<br />
    i happen to put on a happy face for allot of my days.<br />
    i currently have a headech.<br />
    i love everything about my bf.<br />
    and everything about my best freind bailey. Shes also FUCKING AMAZING!<br />
    I currently am busy.<br />
    I HAVE A LIFE<br />
    My favorate song is Candy SHop.. its gets me in "the mood"<br />
    my next favorate song is Teaseing to please by cute is what we aim for<br />
    This is all i wana say right now so .<br />
    LATER GATER.<br />
    <br />
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