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    I'm Okiku Ayakashi. I Love Cooking, Reading, Drawing, Playing Guitar, Playing with my cat, Rangi, and a bunch of other things. I play "World Of Warcraft" and I play on the hords side on a Tauren Hunter named Shinsaina on the Server Whisperwind, If you see me online, don't be afraid to Say hello, I'd love someone new to talk to!<br />
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    Things are going well though I think I'm going to go on a Hiatus for drawing because I seem to have run short for ideas. As for writing I think I'm all out on that too It seems like I just don't have time to do the fun things I enjoyed last year anymore...Ah well I suppose I'll be able to do these things when I get a good long break, and when people stop looking over my shoulder.<br />
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