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  • Artist Info: hirro my name is Selah but you can call me Subby because thats my nickname and i hate my real name! im 14 and i don't like humans and i hate long walks on the beach and despise the sun!(I am also allergic to the suns vibrant rays) my birthday is AUGUST 9Th...... and thats the stupid day that some dumb ass fucked my dead minded shit face mother.. I have a lot of hate for the people that live with me or near me.. they make me feel uncomfortable and displaced... i have been violated and my personal space has been crossed by many people... when im mad im PISSED so don't fuck with me. I can be mean but its only when i want to be... BUT im also like a flower sensitive and fragile. and thats pretty much it.....<br />
    oh wait one more thing.............. im jesus................ =] &lt;3<br />
    <br />
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