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  • Artist Info: my name is Shawn Milton Giller.i like lisening to the sound of water flowing freely.also i enjoy a quiet area to read.will not read femine books read gone with the wind and thoughts of shooting the book and my self came!i prefer books by Deen Koontz or Steven king.my favorite mythical creature is the phoenix.<br />
    <br />
    may we all burn for our sins nothing can save our pathetic souls from oblivion .no god can save us now let darkness take you i want to see your madness erode your soul like a fire in the fields of grass.for here is judgment day at the door in the twilight of the moon we shall all fight or die until that day our souls can not rest in peace. may the blood of the few people whose soul stays pure and holly be damed for all eternity for judgment day is hear to destroy all life.<br />
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