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  • Artist Info: Im Makayla feel free to talk to me i dont bite <br />
    everyday goes by, i still don't know what im doing.<br />
    It feels like its the same routine everyday, and yet i get lost. <br />
    People aren't who they tell you they are, best friends are hard to find, and boyfriends <br />
    are hard to keep. Everything is worth what you make it, and at this point in my life, <br />
    this is all i have. Everyone goes around assuming about others, perfect lifes don't exsist, and half the time <br />
    a girl puts up on their myspace about how their life is perfect and how happy they are, its a lie. whats the point in calling something a secret,<br />
    when in life nothing is a secret. .Sometimes things dont go as planned so we make the best out of it, and in the process make tons of mistkes. <br />
    mistakes we dont realize and cant change. However, we all over react sometimes,<br />
    and sometimes we hurt eachothers feelings. Whats the point in being sad, <br />
    when in the next days you'll be best friends again. When you wake up every morning not knowing whats going to happen, <br />
    thats when you know that life is going great.life is just a unsolveable puzzle. <br />
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