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  • Artist Info: Name: Kaitlyn (ppl call me lexi and kait<br />
    Eye Color: i have mood eyes so they change alot<br />
    Hair Color: Black<br />
    Hairstyle: wavy<br />
    Hair Length: 19 inches long<br />
    Height: 5'4<br />
    Relationship status: single<br />
    Handedness: Right<br />
    Your Bedtime: when ever im tired<br />
    Do you Smoke?: Nope<br />
    Do you Swear: Yes<br />
    Have you Been in Love?: Yes<br />
    Are you Attractive?: i've been told i am<br />
    Do you get along with your Parents?: my dad and sometimes mom<br />
    Do you play an Instrument?: clarinet<br />
    How do you want to Die?: by the 1 i love<br />
    Number of Tattoos: None<br />
    Sexuality: Bi<br />
    Virginity Status: yes im a virgin<br />
    Personality: shy<br />
    Zodiac Sign: Cancer<br />
    Birthday: June 29<br />
    What is ure bad habbit(s): i sometimes can't control what i say<br />
    Favorite Colors: black and blue<br />
    Outfit of Choice: skinny jeans, t-shirt, converse, and my gauges<br />
    Current Crushes: yeah<br />
    Your Fears: losing the person i love most<br />
    Do you Sing: Yes<br />
    Do you Shower Daily: yes<br />
    Do you want to get Married: Yes. But not right now<br />
    Do you get Motion Sickness: sometimes<br />
    Are you a Health Freak: No
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