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  • Artist Info: Hi I'm Robert<br />
    I have been suicidle and I'm manic deppressed<br />
    I'm also bi-poler. <br />
    I have long hair<br />
    I where glasses<br />
    I love black and crimson cloths<br />
    I have brown hair and eyes<br />
    I hate summer<br />
    my skin is pale<br />
    I had an abusive father who drove me so far insane i went to 4 mintal facility and a day treatment. <br />
    I was kicked out of school for 3 years,and am finaly back in<br />
    I now live with my grandma<br />
    I am 16<br />
    I plan on being a video game disigner one day, making, playing,and living off (metaphricly) video games<br />
    B-day<br />
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