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    Hi, im danca_da_lua, I'm 18 and i live in England lol <br />
    i like to draw and play on my Nintendo ds and my play station 2 <br />
    i dont currently hav a job =[ but i hope 2 get one soon =] but its hard coz of the recession *curses recession* hopefully i will have a job soon =] <br />
    ]in my spare time i listen to music and chat to people on the internet. <br />
    i also lv to go out with my friends and get v drunk =]
    <br />
    <br />
    OMG- i start college this tuesday im shit scared gonk i am doin a 3yr course in catering and hospitality =]<br />
    i got my uniform my knives 0_o today as if there gonna trust me with knives gonk <br />
    i am so excited coz my uniform has my name on it 0_o woooo how kl iz that =] <br />
    <br />
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