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  • Artist Info: Im a comical dude, i love anime(naruto more than others)i like competition, i also like drawing...... ummmm this is starting to get boring or is it just me 0.o''' im eager to start marching band sooone and if u think this has been one of the most retarded"about me`s" than u can hope off my page homie!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    okay, so this is jazmin( s u p e r r g e e k) hacking jim's profile. so like, this is my BOYFRIEND. (: indeed, he is. and like. . other girls should hop off his page, like NOW. D:&lt; except, not really .___. so, jim is fuuuunny and cuuuuute and like. . he makes me laugh like, hardcore. so, talk to the kid! because he's pretty radical. (: AND NOW I AM DONE HACKING POE'S PAGE. &lt;3
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