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  • Artist Info: Hey there, i'm Jessica and here is a little bit about me<br />
    I enjoy drawing just as much as i enjoy living on this earth and am currently working on a painting of a sillueted tree against a beautiful sunset with my wonderful teacher Michael and a oriental design with Oscar (whom i've been taking classes from for 6 years). I also dance (Ballet and Tap)and i love doing it but not with other people around to watch me(im very shy when it comes to that sort of stuffs).I am also in band and play the Bass Clarinet. I am very proud to call myself a Band Nerd and an Honor Band Student. My favorite song is Dillon's Flight; it was one of our concert peices!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Likes-<br />
    -BEING A CATHOLIC!!!<br />
    -BAND!!<br />
    -Kingdom Hearts(duh)<br />
    -flying monkeys<br />
    -pie<br />
    -Art in general<br />
    -oriental architecture<br />
    -Naruto<br />
    -dancing<br />
    <br />
    Dislikes-<br />
    -really stupid people<br />
    -spiders<br />
    -popularity<br />
    -Jalapanos<br />
    -Hannah Montana<br />
    -High School Musical<br />
    -hackers<br />
    -sad stories<br />
    -talking to people i have no personal connection to<br />
    -smart alics<br />
    -my sience teacher
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