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    Ello my dears, and welcome to my profile. <br />
    My name is Plum, or Plumsie if you feel yourself so inclined. I am currently 19 years old, but usually I act more like a 7 year old. Lol. I love Steam Punk/Victoriana styles, Burlesque, Broadway, EGL styles, Anime, Singing, Drawing, Painting, Cooking, Dancing, Writing, Listening To Music, Role Playing, Shopping, Gardening, and any number of other things I could ramble about. I also hope to begin University the upcoming semester in the pursuit of an associate's degree in anthropology with a focus on archeology. I believe life is for living, and that passion and love are the most important things in the world. I suppose you could say I have a fiery personality, and sometimes I come on a little strong, but I'm told I grow on you, so give me a chance, I might just surprise you.<br />
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