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  • Artist Info: Hellooo. Bienevido. Bonjour. Whatever way you want it put.<br />
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    Soo your not really going to be seeing much of me around here anymore. why? well...yes im going to DEFINETELY miss my dear good friends, you know who you are smile and some think they know who they are..&gt;.&lt; im very tired of the drama...worthless drama, drama thats on a VIRTUAL world, from people living across the country, its just plain ridiculous, and it adds stupid uneccesary stress smile People on here just get me mad and..i dont want to be mad smile im doing really good right now and im not going to let these little things mess it up for me. Ive had soooooooooo many great times tho with many great people, once again..you all know who you are smile Dont consider this "quitting". Please, anyone that says that comes back the next week or two. I will make visits tho, and i hope those good people are on when i am smile This is okay tho, because im perfectly happy with REAL life smile P.S. Please dont touch the pictures on my profile, itd be very rude and unoriginal smile if you doo ill hunt you down. Send me a message, send me a comment, ill want to know how your all doing. Love to those who are dear to me and .... to those im glad to be rid of. Peace out~ <br />
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    Always,<br />
    DominicEcstatic(; <br />
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