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  • Artist Info: When life turns away<br />
    You smile and walk towards the darkness<br />
    It's over, you know, so let it be<br />
    But a hand grabs your shoulder, you turn<br />
    It's you, a complete copy<br />
    they smile and shake their head<br />
    "But-" you begin<br />
    they shake their head again, and beckon you to a better place, a place of light<br />
    That "you" was an angel, taking you to the place you need to go, instead of letting you walk to the darkness below the surface.<br />
    They lead you to the surface of life and light, and you are free.<br />
    That Angel was your friend, your beloved, or anyone who cares<br />
    <br />
    When life starts to take turns, and you feel like you can't go on, there is that person who will care enough to pull you out, and set you on dry land, from that black sea<br />
    sadness will be overcome, and life will seem better, when you meet that one, keep people like that close to you, for with them, you will overcome the deadliest beast that the devil has sent to bring you down.<br />
    You won't give in with them by your side.<br />
    ~xXWalking_in_CirclesXx~<br />
    <br />
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