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  • Artist Info: Hello there, I'm Laura- a 15 16 year old sixth form student living in England.<br />
    Gosh I never know what to write on these things...<br />
    Here goes:<br />
    I try to be a nice person.<br />
    I am a VERY shy, quiet and introverted and I'm sorry<br />
    I aspire to be a doctor when I am older. <br />
    I am very plain, both in personaltiy and appearance.<br />
    I am a follower not a leader.<br />
    I am a listener not a talker.<br />
    I put others before myself.<br />
    I am not the cleverest of the bunch but I generally get pretty good grades <br />
    I am agnostic but leaning towards atheism.<br />
    I am a vegetarian but I'm not the annoying kind that condemns you for eating an amburgah.<br />
    In general I am a cheerful person but it doesn't take a lot to bring my mood down...<br />
    I get jealous easily.<br />
    I tend to like others more than they like me.<br />
    <br />
    I love...<br />
    I do not have many friends but I don't mind because the friends that I do have, I adore.<br />
    Science (I am taking Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths with mechanics for my A Levels currently)<br />
    READING<br />
    I love Photography, even if I am just an amature; I try to improve.<br />
    Writing<br />
    Animals <br />
    Learning new things<br />
    All weather types, especially the rain.<br />
    <br />
    But I hate...<br />
    If you have an issue with race, gender, homosexuality etc. then I have an issue with you.<br />
    Attention seekers.<br />
    People who abuse animals.<br />
    Arrogant people.<br />
    Chavs.<br />
    I am a bit of a misanthrope, I hate humanity<br />
    Narrow minded people who think of themselves as superior over others and who think that they are 100% correct.<br />
    People who only care about themselves.<br />
    lazy ppl dat tlk lik dis k<br />
    My biggest fears are the future and social situations.<br />
    So yes...this is all I have to say for now smile
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