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  • Artist Info: Hello Everyone! Wanna know somethin'? Here are some facts about me:<br />
    When I was a little girl, I always believed in fairytales and believed that someday..a prince will come and sweep me off my feet.As I grew, I started to think that fairytales do not exist and so do "Happily-Ever-Afters."If you ask me I think that "Happily-Ever-Afters" are so over-rated. Love don't always have their happy endings where couples are so in-love with each other, then few years later they marry and have kids, and...'They Lived Happily Ever After!' *sighs*If only there are "Happily-Ever-Afters" in life, but apparently there isn't. Most people get hurt and heartbroken that they end up being disappointed all the time. Moving on,rejection, and losing someone you love hurts.It deeply hurts sad but that's all part of life and as people we should accept no matter how hard it is the facts right there in front of us.<br />
    Whooa, okay that was long. Yeah, i like writing sometimes. It soothes me in a weird, but good way.<br />
    Favorite Color? Blue(reminds me of depression) and Purple(because it reminds me of the mood:Charming)<br />
    Favorite Dessert? Oh, I can't even start. I can list hundreds of things, but this is my fav. Milk Chocolate Cream Pie!<br />
    Favorite Song? Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars<br />
    Favorite Singers? Selena(no not Selena Gomez) and Bruno Mars<br />
    Any best friends? Of course smile <br />
    How's life? As of right now, it's going...great
    <br />
    <br />
    Also a very SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED TO ME smile I owe you guys a lot<br />
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