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  • Artist Info: Hello everyone, welcome to my profile!<br />
    <br />
    Basic Information<br />
    I am a 18 years old European girl, nice to meet ya C:<br />
    I can speak Hungarian and English, a bit of Japanese and German.<br />
    I check on Gaia pretty often, you can see me in A/M/C most of the time, sometimes in AT and CB.<br />
    I'm nice to everyone unless they are hostile towards me. Or I'm PMSing. <br />
    I'm horrible at maintaining friendships but if you write to me I'll be the happiest person ever &gt;u&lt;
    <br />
    <br />
    Personal Information<br />
    I spend much of my time on the internet, tumblr, anime, manga, youtube, you know etc etc. <br />
    I have this huge interest in astrology, western zodiac, numerology, etc. Personalities and philosophy are also ones of my favorites.<br />
    I'm very unlucky and I often screw up things, also I'm lazy.<br />
    I am grateful to have this life and this personality I have, nonetheless.<br />
    I'm very empathetic accepting and understanding<br />
    I expect gratitude when I do something for you. I thought this was common sense but guess I learned it the hard way.<br />
    I probably won't donate to you unless I'm in the mood. GO PLAY BOOTY GRAB LIKE I DID DAMMIT D&lt;
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