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  • Artist Info: hi my name is Margarita.as you can see im heart ubsessed heart with twilight.twilight is so cool everything about it is so breath taking<br />
    I love anime too xd . My big sis got me obsessed<br />
    Im a varry random person 3nodding . My favorite colors are black,red and white.<br />
    Im a silly goofy person rofl 3nodding biggrin smile crying stare blaugh xp whee redface sweatdrop . I do things out of the blue. Im really funny and i can be a bother to people sometimes.I love my frends and family alot heart heart heart heart <br />
    i always have time to talk to my friends. im good at keeping secrits.<br />
    AND heart I LOVE MUSIC heart .i love to sing i dont think im good at it but everybody i know thinks i sing realy good<br />
    and i love to play the key board im so obsesses with twilight that i know how to play the twilight theme song of twilight and new moon all the songs on my playlist i know how to play on the key board <br />
    ... heart I heart LOVE heart TWILIGHT heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
    i love to hang out with my big sis lil_shippo_101 she is so random and funny<br />
    well if you want to add me on facebook all you have to do is ask and ill give you my username k <br />
    dont forget to add me
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