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  • Artist Info: Whelp this would be my profile... Leave a comment if necessary... ._. idk what else to write... hmmmm..... *thinks very hard* eh if you'd like to know anything just ask me.... XD (i'm so lazy)<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    i feel like writing 10 things of random info bout myself...<br />
    1) i like the taste of peanut butter and potato chips together but i hate potato chips by themselves<br />
    2) i'm a dork<br />
    3) i have 4 pets cubby the really old cat, charlie the westie, teddy the spazz-attack shitzu bishon, and chaotic turd aka waffles<br />
    4) im into manga and anime if u couldnt guess from my profile...<br />
    5) im very picky when it comes to food... and most everything else<br />
    6) i cant survive without handsanitizer, and if u think im joking, im not ._.<br />
    7) i own a kimono in real although im not japanese, it was a birthday present<br />
    8 ) im irish, swedish, and norwegian<br />
    9) im a swedish fish addict<br />
    10) and, if you couldn't guess already, i have no life
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