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  • Artist Info: Wow I haven't seen this in forever...<br />
    I am feeling extremely happy right now, for reasons I wish to keep secret from the public. (PM me if you're dying to know).<br />
    I have to thank Ryan for everything. Everything.<br />
    And I have to thank my past loves for bringing me to my current love. It's been a long road, full of heartbreak, but it was worth it in the end.<br />
    Hehe... not much of an about me, I know. More like a thank you to all the people I care about. *Shrugs* I have a lot to be thankful for...<br />
    Anyway, I'm a nice person. PM me, I won't bite. Much. And you won't get rabies, despite popular belief. Not that I'll bite... <br />
    &gt;.&gt;<br />
    &lt;.&lt;<br />
    Merry Halloween!<br />
    (12/6/0 cool
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