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    I'm 15 and my name is Mimi<br />
    I attend Natomas High School as a sophmore in California<br />
    I'm 5'2'' with short blonde(now, lol) hair a brown eyes<br />
    I have glasses and I like to wear silver{Screw you, gold!}<br />
    I'm currently takenā™„<br />
    And I wear a lot of black(But my fav color is purple, can't you tell?)<br />
    I'm Hawaiian, Filipino, French and German<br />
    =D<br />
    <br />
    I like Naruto Shippuuden(Gaara especially, that smexy beast!)<br />
    I liked Inuyasha untill I started hearing Kogome cry for Inuyasha in my dreams D=<br />
    And I just like talking to interesting people!<br />
    <br />
    {Message me,<br />
    add me,talk to me!}
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