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  • Artist Info: I haven't been on here in forever. Holy jesus things have changed. I have a tumblr, go check it out: <br />
    <br />
    clur-matewsz.tumblr.com<br />
    <br />
    I'm just gonna use adorable cool emoticons from here on out.<br />
    cat_4laugh gaia_kittenstar gaia_diamond gaia_crown <br />
    cat_confused gaia_angelright yum_hotdog yum_strawberry <br />
    cat_smile yum_shrimp yum_cupcake yum_burger <br />
    cat_cool cat_burning_eyes cat_redface 3nodding <br />
    yum_tuna cat_pirate cat_xp cat_evil <br />
    yum_puddi yum_donut cat_emo wahmbulance <br />
    yum_onigiri yum_tamago yum_tea heart <br />
    gaia_star cheese_whine dramallama burning_eyes <br />
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