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  • Artist Info: HILLOZ!<br />
    I started school the other day and it is b-o-r-i-n-g. Oh well. In better news im SO CLOSE to my dream abi all i havce left r...<br />
    3 magical girls<br />
    1 bicamella(i think thats how ya spell it)<br />
    1 angel imp<br />
    lol so gold and these items would help a bunch. If u hav nothin to do than u should read my journal! its a random pile of pure brain mush that belongs to a girl with barely a life outside of this here computer (cant u tell only 95 days old here and already bout a foot away from dreamavi)<br />
    Im gonna update this as much as i can well.at least daily so tune in next time (or else!)
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