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  • Artist Info: pokemon: nine tails, vulpix<br />
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    thoughs r some of the things i want to look like... but any way hi i am zakuro but you can call me zak or yuki ^^ i am a bit of a downer but am a nice girl to know.i have a big family that love me and they r play full. i am in a wolf pack. and i am leader of one. sometime i wish i wasn't so lonely in this world. i feel like this is the only place that won't hurt me. in real life i feel lonly and sad...but i do have friends they just don't see me like they us to any more. ~sigh~ but when i am on here i feel like every thing disapire. but my sadness is still here. some times i wish some would save me from my sadness. a hero. will any one help me? i guess not... that is why i wear this mask or have my eyes cloes its because i don't want to see the world for what it is. bad,mean,evil, that is what i alwas see... every day.o ther is one thing you have to know about me in real life i am emo and i like to draw.
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    thoughs: theres so much love in the world....
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