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  • Artist Info: Hello my name is Pedro(Teddy) <br />
    I'm 1_ years old. Doesnt really matter..right? or does it? o: <br />
    I am full blooded, long-haired mexican. :]<br />
    Yes, I'd rather eat a taco then a big mac cause obiviously tacos taste better. &gt;;u<br />
    I really like art especially drawing and a little bit of painting (I suck at painting though and I still do it) :3 But now I'm getting interested in sculpturing. <br />
    I like talking instead of just standing there being quiet and feeling awkward hm.. wonder why.. ;3; <br />
    My hero is Batman CCC8 He is full of awesomeness.<br />
    This is All you need to know about me.. I hope. Don't ask questions ;D <br />
    well later whoever is reading this.. o.o; <br />
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