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  • Artist Info: Hi, my name is Sara I am fourteen years old & I'm fun, out going and lovable!&lt;3 I am very athletic and I love soccer! I also love to swim and I race dirt bikes! I am a bit girly, but I am not afraid to get dirty. My favorite colors frequently change, but right now its green, black, and baby blue, I also love neon colors! My main ethnicitys are Irish, French, Swiss, and Hawaiian. I love monkeys, kitty's, and elephants, but like ALL animals. I have one bunny named Fluffel butts, one love bird named Loopy, one parakeet named Bubbles, one kitten named Peaches, one cat named Jack, one puppy named Rusty, two dogs named Boo and Bear, and I used to have chickens, but Boo ate them all sad ... I also really like girl scouts thin mint cookies biggrin And love all candy!! Anyways that's it 4 now! Pm me anytime smile And TTYL wink <br />
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