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  • Artist Info: Great gogamoga!!!!...finally, a place to rant <br />
    hmmm....well im dominque younger-older brother... comics and manga is my thing ...<br />
    My passion is art.... ima stetch artist and and writer... past youth leader at my prevoius church....also im a bit radom at time...It rub the on its skin, or else it gets the hose again!!!<br />
    okay, i lost the happy but the happy's back!!!^_^ <br />
    i have an older brother name joshua allen miller....but i know u don't care about that ...ur probably ask how i know u iknow u were going to say that...? well, a bird told me.<br />
    then agian the bird told me, i going to sauve myslef with peanut butter and jelly....and run down the street warning people about the inpending doom of the swedish invasion... whew, had to get that off the chest.hmm...anyone there???User Image
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