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  • Artist Info: Hi there,What can I say about myself?...<br />
    First of all I'm a very interesting person so beware lol;D<br />
    Usually I'm very active and happy but sometimes I get mad over nothing(sorry to all).<br />
    What do I like?well I like reading manga and anime,also I like drawing anime,manga characters.<br />
    What are my goals in life?Well I'll try to study pharmacy in the future, so it's my biggest goal and dream, other than that I would love to participate in show jumping competitions up to 1.60cm > biggrin but that's beyond my reach I thinkXD!Oh almost forgot I can be a real bitch at times and I just loveeeee to teach ppl how to spell right cause it hurts meh eyes and brain-shortly I hate stupid ppl;D <br />
    For the time being I live in Europe-Lithuania and my real name is Natalie, currently I'm 18^__^,well I think that'll be enough information for now.<br />
    (P.S I won't be on much, cause school starts very soon and it's meh last grade T^T so I won't have much time for gaia...tuddels^^)<br />
    Love you all^__^<br />
    TOP DONATORS!<br />
    1.((Smiley Freak)) donated Chyaku Norisu Scarf ty very much!^^<br />
    2.((Smiley Freak)) donated razz Brown Paper Bag ty^^!<br />
    3.Kin KiriNoTenshi donated Fausto's Bottle ty^^!<br />
    4.PuppyXXChan donated 15k ty^^!<br />
    5.Glass Soldier donated 14000 ty^^!<br />
    6.tinkerbell15_05 donated various items ty^^<br />
    Okey so this is me on a horzyyyy;D <br />
    2009<br />
    User Image<br />
    look at half of me muhahah >;O<br />
    User Image<br />
    my art^^<br />
    meh new chibi arto ;D(p.s no commissions for now sorry)<br />
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    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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