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  • Artist Info: Well about me well first off my names Forte(most of you know me by Yami) <br />
    <br />
    Well I like anime a lot and music that's life for me.<br />
    I love both so much that I make AMV(anime music videos).<br />
    I like to draw but being lazy lately on my drawings.<br />
    Country is mostly what i like and I don't wanna hear it's about dog dying girl leaving because country is<br />
    songs about me And who I am<br />
    Songs about loving and living<br />
    And good hearted women and family and God<br />
    Yeah they're all just Songs about me<br />
    In Country i like a lot of artist fav, band is Alabama<br />
    I also like Tracy Lawrence,Chris Young,Books & Dunn,Mark Wills,Tim McGraw,Joe Nichols,Martina Mcbride,Blackhawk, and so many more to list<br />
    I also like Rock my fav. bands are Disturbed,Hinder,Nickelback,Def Leopard,Guns and Roses,Aerosmith,Creed,and Lifehouse<br />
    I listen to J-pop i like songs from Inuyasha and song from my fav. video games.<br />
    I dislike rap don't care for it no matter how much people like it I DON'T<br />
    Well I'm a nice guy unless you piss me off then yeah i can be mean. I like playing games i don't right now have any video game system.<br />
    My favorite games are<br />
    Madden NFL Football love madden <br />
    Zelda one of my all time favorite<br />
    Xenosaga because it had a really awesome story.<br />
    Fatal Frame is just one of my favorite survival horror games also love silent hill and RE.<br />
    So far there is only one first person shooter i like that's Rainbow Six Vegas. <br />
    I love RPG's I'm also a big Madden foot ball fan too.<br />
    I love football I watch it every season I'm a big Panther fan.<br />
    Even was given the chance to work at the Stadium they play at<br />
    Well my Talents<br />
    well i can draw a little check out my drawing and my writing here<br />
    http://shadowgator.deviantart.com/<br />
    You can check out My AMV group called Kynea Productions<br />
    This is mine & my friends anime music video little productions<br />
    check us out here http://profile.imeem.com/mQ3euA
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