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  • Artist Info: hello and welcome to nafens head.....glad u came!!!<br />
    i can find a way out of anything(yes i no)<br />
    i think im a ninja<br />
    nvm..i am a ninja<br />
    i love everyone.....ok mabye not everyone...but mostly everyone<br />
    i hate it when ppl ask me questions about my skinny jeans...<br />
    they r quite comfortable....in most places...<br />
    i have brown hair and the style is the same that i have on my avi<br />
    i wear skinny jeans and hoodys<br />
    im not emo..im skater<br />
    i skateboard<br />
    i draw..im not the best but im getting their<br />
    i love ninjas<br />
    list of things i despise<br />
    1.getting grounded for bad grades(F-Fantastic!)<br />
    2.teachers<br />
    3.bobobobobobo<br />
    4.noobs<br />
    5.parents getting divorced<br />
    6.ppl not liking me<br />
    7.DEVIN<br />
    list of things i love<br />
    1.myself<br />
    2.cats<br />
    3.video games<br />
    4.casey(david dont say anthything)<br />
    5.gaia<br />
    6.wifi<br />
    7.manga and anime<br />
    <br />
    i listen to screamo and just about everything else<br />
    i like the band....escape the fate,suicide silence,i set my friends on fire,ludo,the devil wears prada,bring me the horizon<br />
    when i grow up i want to be an artist or graphic designer<br />
    i will add more in the future.....
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