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  • Artist Info: so i've had my gaia account for a longggggg time; since around middle school tho i was inactive for a few years in the middle.<br />
    i'm 19 now and work and go to community college (not very glamorous but, eh?). i used to come on and complain about my problems in my journal/forums but now i try to go and help people with theirs because everyone rele needs to remember that things really do get better.<br />
    but anywayyyyyyyys a little about me. i own entirely too many comics for it to be healthy anymore and i can quote every lantern corps oath. i love dying my hair and its currently been goin back nd forth between pink and purple for the past few months. i've got quite a few tattoos including a few pokemon ones and a land before time half sleeve irl because, lets face it, i'm obviously a gangster. so yeah, if you wanna know more msg me and ask or look at my interests<br />
    <br />
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