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  • Artist Info: I like manga... and anime... and i dislike Twilight (only after the movie came out tho. it was okay before RP decided to be Edward), and I'm on Team Elric on Facebook (kukuku)<br />
    I'm fifteen...<br />
    I like SGT Frog. My favorite character is Giroro because we're alike in so many ways. He's the least likely person to have a love life, and surprise, he does (which becomes a big situation all the time). He gets mad easily, and is obsessed with guns..... -___-<br />
    I like Naruto, but since Sasuke is the main character for the past few chapters, I MIGHT JUST give it up... (But i don't wanna &gt;( )<br />
    One Piece is just for fun. I watch it because 1) Zoro is the Giroro of the story, 2) Ace is kind of hot, and 3) they're all idiots. And don't forget Chopper is cute.<br />
    Bleach is good, but it could be less serious. I don't particularly enjoy serious manga too much.
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