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  • Artist Info: Man, ya better stop this damn pointless hidin'.<br />
    Ya better get ya ass here and make ya' chain shinin'.<br />
    Get off tha corner and make ya' caddillac ridin',<br />
    Help ya' homies man! Becuz tha 9 bullets are flyin'.<br />
    It's a gang war like GTA San Andreas,<br />
    Where The Grove Street is sayin' Ballas:”Fuck you and see ya!”<br />
    Come kill ya' enemies like a poisoned spider.<br />
    C'mon nigga! Wake up and get ya' lowrider.<br />
    If ya get to tha hood just try to hold up ya head.<br />
    Cuz tha gunz are flashin' quick and one homie is dead.<br />
    Stop hidin'from tha 9mm shit.<br />
    If ya got a shotgun it's easier to deal with it.<br />
    Go on and just laugh at their 9 millimeter<br />
    Ya'll just run and dodgeit's bullets like a cheetah.<br />
    If you're a homie come and show who's tha enemy's reaper.<br />
    We dig their grave just deeper and deeper.<br />
    Come to tha battlefield and help ya homies,<br />
    And i forget everything what ya owe me.<br />
    Homie.<br />
    Everything ya owe me.<br />
    Everything ya owe me cuz yo are tha homie.
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