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  • Artist Info: Heyya Stalkers. This is my junky profile with a buncha pix at the bottom that hasnt been updated in 2 years.Lets see.. whats there to say?? um.. I guess im atheist.. I luv punk music and hard rock and metal and emo music. anything with a gud beat. That i can headbang to ya no? Favorite band is avenged sevenfold. Role model, is the Reverend. I remember the day he died. My sister jumped on my bed to wake me up and told me. Listened to a7x the whole day. And at the worst of time I remembered how amazing they were. thats wen i rly grabbed onto them. Before, there music .. I couldnt really hear it. And then I could. I guess wen he died, it was a sign that this is time for u to really hear em. My other favorite band is shindown. Smith influenced me so much wen i saw their concert.. Circus of Madness. He gave a speech. And it impowered me. And i love him for it, cause that was an event in my life that changed everything about me. to stand up. <br />
    <br />
    Lets see.. I live in the US and im in Highskool i think and everything is so unclear, but i get it at the same time. its weird.. I used to swim, but then i stoped wen i was kicked off.. Now im into soccer, with my bestfriend, who is one of the fastest girls i no. shes amazing. We are opposites and totally the same at the same time. Everything is like Yin/Yang type of things now. Like wen u cry, ur always smiling. it wont ever go away. I have major knee problems and no doctor has found anything. . . . so far. Um.. I dont like b ball, but i play it anyways...<br />
    <br />
    Used to do forums, but then all mine died out... so i think i mite just stop or find a real RPG on the web.. If anyone is actually reading this and if anyone knows any plz msg me. <br />
    <br />
    ppl kall me emo, or punk, or goth, or scene.. i rly dont care, im me. Im the girl that everyone fears and that nobody knows. the girl who fears of the future, ignores the past and is clueless about the present. The only thing i look forward is what i seek in my headphones. .<br />
    I always wanted to play the drums wen i was a kid. i have a lil toddler toy drum wen i was a kid but then someone stepped on it and broke it . that broke my plastic little kid hart. i never got a knew one... I think that was my first reall memory actually.. weird. <br />
    <br />
    Im one mindless girl. Mindless of others and herself. but i save myself, and i wish that i didnt have to sometimes. i wonder if there is a thing kalled luv kause it doesnt seem to be. if there is someone show me..
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